WISE Women     
of Blair County

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The WISE Women of Blair County is the successor organization to the YWCA of Altoona.

We went through a metamorphosis in 2008 in order to better identify local area needs and advance women within our county/region.

We are no longer part of the YWCA, but wish to maintain many of the great traditions that were started by our local chapter.

Mission Statement
Women Involved in Scholarship and Empowerment -  "Dedicated to empowering women and eliminating racism through collaboration, service, and education."

The WISE Women of Blair County, at its January Board meeting, awarded seven grants for its 2014 Grant Cycle. This year a total of $15,000.00 was awarded and the projects cover a wide array of community initiatives aimed at eliminating racism and empowering women. Click here for more information.

WISE Women of Blair County is pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the Spring 2014 term. These scholarships are available to women residents of Blair County 21 years of age and older who have overcome adversity in their lives and are pursuing post-secondary education. Click here for more information.

WISE Women of Blair County 2014 Tribute Honorees 

Sunflower of Empowerment
Sunflower of
Red Carnation of Scholarship
Red Carnation of
Yellow Rose of Equlity
Yellow Rose of

White Lily of Hope
White Lily of

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