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WISE Women of Blair County (WISE stands for Women Involved in Scholarship and Empowerment) has granted $24,000 in scholarships each year for women to continue their education. 


The mission of the organization is to empower women and to eliminate racism through collaboration, service, and education. 


The mission is fulfilled by providing scholarships, awarding grants, and recognizing outstanding women in our community through the annual Tribute dinner.


To receive an application packet, visit our website www.wisewomenofblaircounty.org. For additional information please email wisewomenofblaircounty@yahoo.com.


   Scholarship Announcement

   Scholarship Application Checklist
          -Anticipated Educational Expense/Income Statement Example

   Scholarship Application - Fill-In (PDF File) *

   Scholarship Application - Print (Word File) *

*Complete application and mail to:
    WISE Women of Blair County
    PO Box 134
    Hollidaysburg, PA 16648