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2015 WISE Women of Blair County Grant Awards

2015 WISE Women of Blair County Grant Recipients

Toni Bilik, Family Services, Inc.; Dee Martin-Spallone, WISE Women Grant Chair and board member; Jackie Bevan, Gloria Gates Foundation; Lisa Merschiltz, WISE Women Board President.

WISE Women of Blair County  awarded $8000 in grant monies to two worthy organizations in January. Funded for the 2015 grant cycle were the Gloria Gates Foundation and Family Services, Inc.  

Toni Bilik representing the Gloria Gates Foundation noted that the funds will assist with personnel expenses and fund their girls STEM programming.

Jackie Bevan of Family Service, Inc. stated the funds will support the Safety and Empowerment Fund and the Victim Services Program of the organization to help women with emergency and unexpected expenses.

WISE Women of Blair County annually makes available grant funding for organizations who meet the funding criteria. 

The next grant applications are due in October 2015.  For more information on the grants and the organization, check out wisewomenofblaircounty.org or call 814.414-1377.

The following forms are available for download:

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WISE Grant Cycle Schedule 2015-2016

WISE Grant Guidelines 2015-2016

WISE Grant Application 2015-2016


WISE Grant Performance Report

WISE Grant Report - Outcomes

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